Energy Snapshot: Introspection

As I’m sitting here this morning connecting to Gaia and asking her show me the energies available this morning, I feel a distinct pull downward and inward.  For those of you new to my posts, I will share with you that I literally feel energy running through my body.  My body is my radar, my instrument to understanding the energies around us (by the way this is true for all humans!)  So this morning I’m feeling my energy being drawn downward feeling me that this is a very introspective energy.  Although it is introspective in nature, Gaia is showing me that it is an energy of Connection.  This is a very nurturing energy allowing great opportunity to connect with Spirit, with Collective Energy, with Nature.  There is an expansive element present as well.  I always love expansive energies!  You can really understand the limitless nature of the Universe sitting in an energy which fosters expansiveness.

So what does this mean on a practical level.  What I’m feeling is that this energy is asking us to take some quiet time to meditate and reflect.  Great clarity will come from this introspection, which will be necessary for the work you will bring forth in the weeks to come.  You will need answers moving forward, but very specific answers regarding putting your life’s dream into reality.  What is it you are moving toward?  What is it you are really about?  What energy do you with so align yourself with?  What type of person do you wish to have around you?  (and who would you like to shed?)

Ask these questions during this period of reflection.  Answers will come to you should you honor your need for quiet.  How are your dreams these past few days? Never discount messages coming through in your dreams!  Spirit comes often during your dreamtime and Spirit is certainly knocking away now trying to tell you something!

This is not the day to engage in intense social activity.  Quiet meditation, reflection and connection are the key terms for today and into tomorrow.  Things are moving quickly and what you wish to birth appears sometimes before you even finish the thought! So take time when the energy fosters it to just BE with yourself, your Guides and your thoughts.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Much Love,

EarthSpiritSky xx


Energy Snapshot

Today, finally, there is a calmer energy present.  We have gotten through the ‘launch’ into the new cycle and energy is less driving. The ‘action’ feeling present with the Aries full moon has subsided and we can move more into a gentle flow of what we were used to.

The key word for today is still revolving around release, but a gently release of old energy, toxins from our system, etc.  Today, especially, I’m feeling it’s important to assist your body with release of toxins and non-useful energy.  We’ve had such a build up of energy with the full moon and our bodies have become even more sensitive to substances…it’s imperative to nourish your body with good, light ‘alive’ wholesome foods, plenty (and I mean plenty) 1 1/2 – 2 litres of water each day and exercise.  Take it easy today. It’s always important to balance a period of intense energetic activity with some down time to recharge.  Remember we are energetic beings!  So if we don’t recharge our energy, then our systems will inevitably crash.

Enjoy your day!img_6482

Daily Energy Snapshot

So as we are being fully launched into a period of intuitive awareness, the message today focuses on thrusting your Authentic self out into the world!

How many masks do we wear?  How much of our real self do we hide away, safely tucked away from ridicule and judgement?  How much of your Authentic self are you in alignment with?

Today’s focus is on being the real YOU!  You are beautiful, strong, determined, sassy, unique!!  Show it all off to the world today!  Why hide your awesome-ness from the world?  Get yourself out there today and boldly go where no one has gone before (yes that is a Star Trek reference:)

Not sure who you really are?  Here’s an easy tip– do what makes you happy…do what makes you smile…do what makes you feel empowered.  THAT is the real you shining through.

So today as you Journey through your day, do something that makes you smile and sparkly.  Remember, your uniqueness is a gift to the world- why hide it away?

Much Love,

EarthSpiritsky xx



Moving Beyond Fear


So I had a dream last night that I’m not thrilled with.  First, I am an an avid dreamer.  Spirit comes to me through my dreams and sends messages of which I always pay attention to.  My dreams are vivid and real; more real than waking reality at times.

Last night I dreamt I was at the front door of my home with my little dog Lilo, who exists in the Spirit realm right now.  She wanted to go out, but for some reason I was afraid to open the door.  I finally did open it and Lilo gratefully ran out, but I remember looking around as there was a ‘something’ there that I was afraid of and I quickly pulled her back in the house.  As soon as I closed it, I heard the front door latch bolt and I went to the eye hole to see who was there, fear grabbing my heart.  I looked through the peep hole and saw another eye staring back at me.  I quickly jumped away from the door, heart pounding in fear.

So, what does this mean?  This is a recurring message this past week tying into this new cycle of Awareness that we find ourselves in.  Fear of the unknown, fear of ‘something’ out there that will not receive it well, fear of truly showing and being our Authentic self.  My personal message this past week is that I’ve been playing it safe.  Time to pump it up a notch.

How many of you shy away from showing the world who you really are?  How many of you hide behind your mask, not quite ready to reveal to the world our ‘true’ identity?  How many have been ridiculed at some point and then neatly tuck that piece of us away, not feeling safe to bring that part out anymore?  How many?  Many I would bet.

Today’s message from Gaia is, ‘ Stop playing it safe.’  We are all supported by a benevolent Universe.  We are each unique and special.  If we hide that which makes us unique and special and hide it away from the world, then we are doing the world a disservice.  We have been made unique and special for a reason.  That uniqueness is a gift to the world.  Hide it and you rob the world of your special gifts. Hide it and you rob the world of you.

Are people sometimes not kind?  Do people criticise and judge? Yes, but let me tell you a little secret.  Anything anyone says to you is simply a reflection of them.  They are really just talking about themselves!  A teacher pointed this out to me years ago and it profoundly changed my perspective on life.  I, too, use to shy away from people.  It seemed I was surrounded by overly critical and judgemental people and people and, being very uniquely different, (seeing ghosts and elemental spirits, reading peoples thoughts and energy, all perhaps not the norm!) I could not relate to these individuals.  When I realised that their jabbing comments were really refections of their own true nature, their comments stopped bothering me.   I challenge you today to try this exercise!  The bottomline is, nothing anyone else ever says should stop you from being who you are.  It just doesn’t matter.

As your perspective changes in this matter and you begin to see people in a different light, you will begin to not give a flying hoot about what anyone says:-)   I can say that I am in that boat now and would love for you to join me.

So Gaia’s message this morning is BE YOURSELF and Shine your Light boldly and proudly.  Do not hide anything away!  This new cycle is about Awareness – you cannot be a Consciously Aware and vibrant, unique individual if you are hiding pieces of yourself away.

Walk boldly today and stop playing it safe.  See you out there:-)

Much Love,

Earthspiritsky xx

original artwork by Magda A. Czerepak

Daily Energy Snapshot: Launch!

Today marks the official ‘energetic’ beginning of the new cycle.  As I connect I receive the feeling that we are jumping into the air, being catapulted into the new cycle!

I mentioned yesterday that key themes for the overall cycle revolve around Intuition and Trust and, after more closer introspection, I’ve renamed the cycle a more accurate Awareness.  Achievement throughout this cycle will come from your ability to read your inner wisdom, connect with you heartspace and Trust what you find there.

There is such an expansive feeling to this energy!  As I connected with the energy this morning it was if I was standing on the tip of a huge cliff overlooking the valley far below.  There was no fear, just a strong feeling of space/expansion/infinite possibility.  You are in charge of your own destiny.  By following your intuition and learning about how energy works in our world, you can direct the course of your life.  Infinite possibilities.

Wisdom for Today

I’m getting a strong feeling of a teacher/student relationship.  Be open today.  To be specific, what I mean when I say ‘be open’ is be aware of your surroundings and experiences.  Note them.  Note who comes into your life today (and tomorrow). As we move from a mental to heart-realm as a people, we see that the time for gurus has long past.  WE are each our own master teacher, yet there are times we need a word or energy of another to gently guide us along the way.  Today starts the beginning of your intuitive journey…what feelings come up today?  Do you get a strong hunch to speak to someone?  Go somewhere?  Have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time?  These individuals will have something to offer you today…perhaps will not surface today, but will come up within this relationship over time.

I’m also feeling that business plays a part in, not only today, but this cycle.  More and more of you are heeding the call to leave behind your desk jobs and begin your Journey on your own.  For those of you already in your own business, then you’ll see that bloom and grow this cycle.  Again, be open this cycle (and today) for those that come to aid you along your journey.  (And by the way, this might not mean that you rush out and open a new business, but that you begin what is your real work/business for this life.)

The last two years there has been a lot of Journeying alone. Lessons that needed to be dealt with by you only- introspective journeys along with lessons that you might not have felt supported in the moment.  That all changes this cycle.  This cycle is about support and building community, but again you have to be open to allowing those people into your life.  If you have coffee with someone, have a great convo about building your dream business, then swiftly go back to your ‘day job’ forgetting it even happened—well shame on you!:-)  Don’t forget!  Act on it! Have a second coffee and get that dream off the ground!

The energy of this full moon was, well, full on!  It was super electric charged and I can feel, as the energy now begins to recede with the waning moon, that my system is also going into slow down mode saying ‘give me a break’.  Honour those moments.   Now, as I endeavour to bring practical ramifications and explanations of energy into my work, allow me to comment that there are real physical symptoms of energy release.  Many feelings of general ‘unwellness’ are a result of a release of energy.  Remember that we are energetic beings living in a  world of energy– if a light bulb gets an extra jolt of electricity, then it burns brighter and could break.  That is your system!  If you burn brighter for a time, then when the energy recedes you might feel worn out, achy, headachy, glands swollen, feelings of lethargy and the need to isolate yourself for a bit.  It’s ok!  Rest when your body demands it, drink LOTS of fluid (no, one glass of water will not do it!), go for a walk, and allow your body and system to recharge.

So key word for today is Allow.   Be open to experiences, be open to who comes across your path.  Happy Journeying

Much Love,

EarthSpiritSky xx


Energy Snapshot: The Beginning of the New Cycle – Awareness

A few days ago I shared that we were about to enter a new 2 year period that would have reverberations well into the future.  I mentioned that I could see a huge black line symbolising the official End and thusly Beginning of the last cycle and new.  Well, today I see us hunching down on that black line preparing for our vault jump into the next cycle!!  The name that’s surfaced for this new period is Achievement and the dominant themes for this period are Intuition and Trust.  This new cycle is ruled by our intuition.  In fact, it is ALL about intuition -listening to your inner wisdom,  residing in your heartspace, following and Trusting your intuition.  Listening to yourself and Trust.  You can hear yourself, you can feel the urges to do something, feel the call….but at the end of the day if you are still discounting those urges, inner feelings/nudges, then you are not trusting yourself.  You will not find this a smooth 2 years if you are not ready to make the move into this place.

There are those of you who I know are between doorways, so to speak.  You are heady people, diving into Thought with a capital T and not understanding what heart energy is exactly.  You pick up on urges and feelings and perhaps are paying more and more attention to these inner nudges.  This is YOUR time!  You have a choice— you can continue to work in the realm of Thought and Reason (how has that been working out for you?)  or you can try listening to your inner wisdom and instead of discounting it, follow through on it, and see what happens!  This is THE time to make the move.   And for those of you who residing more fully in your heart space, then this is truly about Trusting more and more completely.  Your intuitive skills will sharpen over the next period, assuming you move in Trust and allow it.  Intuitive skills sharpen, connection to Spirit is strengthened and doors to a Spirituality not previously known will be discovered.

In practical terms, the more we Trust ourselves and our inner wisdom, the more Life flows.  We understand inherently which direction to take, which decision to make.  We feel what is the right direction/answer and dive head first without rationalising it to death or questioning ourselves about the answer.  You Feel and Act.  THAT is living in your intuitive space.

These next two years expect that what you’ve been working for to make an appearance.  In addition,  your unneeded ‘layers’ of energy continue to fall off, meaning your Authentic self becomes stronger and truer.  So ask yourself, ‘what have I been trying to birth”?  Or what inner nudgings are you getting now?  Do you suddenly feel the need for a new job? Do you suddenly want to join a particular group?  Read a particular book?  etc  Don’t discount it!!  By honouring those feelings, your intuition gets stronger and your life FLOWS!!!  If you continually shout to the Universe, ‘yes please I want struggle in life’ then by all means discount your inner wisdom (and yes you have it– we ALL do) and struggle you will get.

Intuition and Trust

So as we stand on the starting line today of this new cycle of Achievement, ask yourself, are you ready? 😉

With Blessings,

EarthSpiritSky xx

yimg_5108 xx


Last night I made the mistake of watching just a few moments of a documentary which followed the lives of a few very young heroin addicts.  The group were from an affluent town in the US, came from what seemed like stable, loving families, but each of them struggled with heroin addiction.  None were over 25.  None survived.

Now I should know better than to watch something like this before bed.  I am an empath, a highly sensitive individual as well as greatly Connected.  This things affect me.  I can feel the other’s pain.  I can feel their emotion.  If I think about it too long, I find my energy merging with theirs and I literally am walking in their shoes.  I did not want to feel their struggles and, consequent, crossing.  Yet this wasn’t what sat with me for most of the night.  There was one comment that one of the young ladies made that just wouldn’t let me go.  When asked why she was using, she commented that she supposed that she was using because it gave her a moments release from her life.  She didn’t want to feel, she commented.  This allowed her to escape from feeling or thinking and get out of her life.  On the surface you wouldn’t think that her life was so bad that she felt the need to escape, but escape she did until it ended her life.

This comment stayed with me all night.  I pondering it, twisting it over and over in my mind.  What could she or anyone for that matter, wish to escape from?  And what surfaced for me was this complete emptiness.  It’s almost as if she wasn’t escaping to not feel, but escaping to feel something– even if that something was nothing.  Her life felt empty to her.  She did not know her purpose. She could not see the beauty with in it. She couldn’t appreciate the wonder or enchantment that is Life.   This heaviness weighed on me because I know that there are so many that cannot see the magic in this world.  So many reside in a place of Fear.  And this truly, truly saddens me.

I think that when you engage in the sort of work that I do, you come to understand the nature of this Life and the Beauty and Enchantment of each and every day.  You understand that there are many layers around you and that this life is just but one piece.  When you do this work, you hear and see Spirit, so you know that there is more than just what you see in front of you.  There is so much!  Yet these beautiful young Souls could not see that. Such heaviness they carried with them at such a young age.

And it brings me to a personal view of mine that the silent killer, the ultimate depletor of energy and Prana in this life is the sense of loneliness and isolation.  We, as Beings of Light, come from a unending pool of Love and Connection.  To be born into this life separates us from that connection.  In my opinion it is this sensation that causes the most challenges for the human being.  We are really pack creatures, living in a community with social mores and means.  We enjoy connection.  I would go so far to say that we need connection to live.  I’m sure all of you know the feeling of being in a crowded place, yet feeling utterly alone.  Why is that? Because you are not recognised.  You are not with your tribe, who value you and remind you of your beauty.  Or because you have just not made a connection.  It is completely possible to live with a zillion people around you, yet still feel that deep sense of isolation and alone-ness.  It is a crushing feeling, one that drains us of energy, bringing on the resulting emotions of depression, sadness- heaviness.  My goodness, look at the success of such ‘connection’ sites such as Facebook, etc?  Why do you think they are such a huge success?  Connection….people wanting and needing that connection and because we are truly a global people now!

If I can open up the doors to even one person who resides in this space and show them the Light beyond, then I would be honoured.  No one should feel alone although many do I know.

So as you go about your day keep in mind that there is more than meets the eye in front of you. We are all, at the end of the day, in the same boat.  We are Beings of Light living a physical human existence and all wishing to feel Loved, Connected and Validated.


Much Love,

EarthSpiritsky xx

The Energy of Fear: An Expanded Understanding of the Physical Nature of Fear

The Energy of Emotions
So,  Dearhearts, we all know what Fear is.  There is not one person out there that has not experienced FEAR is some context.  There is not one person who does not know intimately the feeling of fear as it takes hold of our physical form and our perceptions.  It can be a gripping sensation that stops us in our tracks or it can slyly and subtly sneak into your consciousness until you realise that it has taken over everything in your life.

But what actually is FEAR?  I know there are those of you who would answer that it is an emotion.  I wouldn’t argue that point, although my next question would be, then, what is an emotion?  We experience ’emotions’ all of the time and, quite assuredly, each of you knows when you are experiencing them, but what exactly are emotions?

In my world (and yours too) you have thoughts in your mind. These thoughts, as I’ve mentioned numerous times, are energy forms.  They are electromagnetic waves that vibrate at a particular frequency and then move through our physical body and out in to the world.  This energy creates what we would call ’emotion’, which is, in essence, just energy.

So I return to the original question, ‘What is Fear?’  I’m pretty sure most of you would say that Fear is an emotion and, hopefully, recognise that it is an energetic response to an initial energetic thought form.  Your body would be resonating to a vibration that we recognise as ‘Fear’, which, in turn, would attract all sorts of things to you once it moved on into the world beyond.

But what if there was more to it?  I had an experience yesterday that has opened my eyes to a more expansive view of Fear.  I was able to ‘see’ Fear as a physical entity and I was able to see and understand in a flash what it actually does to us.  As with all of these particular experiences, I know there was a reason for having it at that moment and I believe this reason to be that we as a people, as Beings as Light, are ready to truly understand the energy form Fear and, thusly, to neatly and effectively kick it to the curb/kerb.

Fear as a Physical Entity
So earlier this week I am sitting in my back yard chatting with my dear friend, Krista.  Krista is a healer, intuitive, sensitive and we have all sorts of wild and interesting chats about other dimensions, Spirits, energy, etc.  It’s not your ‘hows the kids’ convo usually:-)   ( for those interested in Krista’s work).

I digress….we were chatting and I was telling her that I wasn’t feeling myself.  I was feeling static- y and having a hard time grounding and connecting.  We talked about the solar flares present and how that was surely effecting our energy.  Suddenly she stopped talking and mentioned that she was seeing something unusually behind me and had to share.  She described a black doorway and then went on to describe how the world around me and that dark spot was elongating and then shrinking.  She mentioned that it was like a bubble that kept on stretching and shrinking with me and the world around it in it all focusing on that dark doorway.  Now, I should mention that I am one who works with portals and doorways.  I can always sense when a portal is opening/closing and I have an inherent sense of their purpose.  I can also access doorways to other dimensions and can travel from one plane to another in energetic form. (If you have interest in learning about portals let me know as I feel the calling to offer a workshop on the topic. )

Back to my story, so I sat with this information.  I wasn’t feeling a portal around me.  I could ‘see’ in my minds eye the doorway that she mentioned, but the feeling was very different.  This wasn’t an access to another dimension, this wasn’t access to a helpful energy form, so, then what was it?

I move forward now as I did not have the answer at the time.  It wasn’t until later that night that the penny dropped.  It came to me in a flood of understanding and in order to explain clearly I must back up to events a few nights previous.  Earlier in the week I was cleaning up my computer.  I am notorious for allowing my emails to become a filing cabinet and, as a result, my computer stopped working and I knew it was time to clean up.  And clean up I did deleting email after email, attachment after attachment.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the information I was deleting brought me back to a very challenging (ok real shit to be honest) time in my life and, as happens, my thoughts went back to that time and all of the horribleness of that period came rushing back as well.  Very aware of the energetic implications of this I tried to clear the energy from my field and stop thinking about it, but as this was a particularly crappy time and the energy was very strong, it wasn’t ready to budge.

Now I need to stop here for a second to clearly explain the energetic ramifications of this event so that you can see the relevance for your own lives.  When we ‘think’ of something, we give it energy.  So if my thoughts are on events that happened yesterday, my energy lives in that moment, not in the present.  Likewise, if you are thinking of events in the future, which do not exist, your energy is focused there on that fictional moment.  Much anxiety is born out of thinking of events in the future.  This creates a build up of energy within our systems, which we interpret as anxiety.  It’s slightly more complicated than that, but not by much. If you are challenged by anxiety, practice keeping you energy here in the present moment.  More on that another time….

So by me focusing my thoughts, thus energy, on that moment in the past, I was redirecting my energy to that moment. And since this was a particularly traumatic time for me, the energy surrounding that period was very dark and heavy.  Now here is where we come back to Fear.   I ‘saw’ that doorway of darkness described by my friend and I understood that that doorway was a doorway to my past, which, in essence, I had opened by directing my thoughts and energy there.  And now this is where Fear comes back into our story.  I understood at this moment that WE and WE alone give life to FEAR.  That FEAR is not just a thought or emotion, but a living, breathing entity of energy.  It vibrates, it moves and it effects our physical form and energetic fields.  Now I would ask you all to stop for a moment and really absorb this fact.. I know that YOU know that you give life to Fear.  We understand on some level that it doesn’t exist, except when we allow it to exist.  We view Fear as an emotional response to something, some thought, scenario, etc and, as it is just an emotion, we can alter it by changing our perceptions.

I’m saying that that is not quite right.  The perception that we give life to fear or that it is simply an emotional response is not accurate.  What we are actually doing is that yes, we have a thought in our heads and yes, that creates an emotional energetic response in our physical form, yes the thought creates a vibration and frequency, but  it is this frequency that actually CALLS this thing called FEAR forth from the Universe.  What I saw and understood yesterday was that I had opened the doorway to my past, but because the thoughts of that time were changing my resonance, my frequency, this dark energy we recognise as FEAR was coming through the doorway and taking hold of my physical form/energetic field.  It was alive and doing what it was created to do….Fear can paralyse us.  Energetically this is the most accurate expression we have.  It can paralyse us because it is taking over our energetic fields.  And as most of you would recognise, when you are in a state of Fear, feelings of self-doubt, depression perhaps, lowered self-esteem come forth, because it is literally sucking your energy out of you and it is in those lowered energetic states that we experience lowered and heavier emotions such as those described above.

Practical Applications
If we recognise that Fear is one, something we call/create and two, is simply a dark energetic force, then we can control it.  When I recognised that I had created this doorway to my past and was allowing my own Fear/Dark Energy to rob me of my own energy, well I closed that doorway.  I called back my energy and, quick as a flash, I felt my energy return to me and I could see that the doorway had been closed.  (We often give our energy away or have it drained from us by individuals or situations.  Be conscious of where you’re energy is…feeling drained?  Chances are something is actually draining your energy!)

Understanding Fear in this way, as a living energy that we create, should help you to alter your own perceptions of it if even in a tiny way.  Fear is an energy.  It does what it is meant to do.  But just as we can create Fear, we can ‘un-create’ it and banish it into nothingness.  As humans and Beings of Light we have an infinite ability to create.  So instead of creating ‘fear’, let’s focus on creating something beautiful!  You have the power to create all sorts of wonderful and amazing things in your life.  You can start creating beautiful things, by first banishing fear from your energetic system and the best way to do this is to focus on thoughts and feelings of gratitude and Love.  Fear will not resonate with the vibration of gratitude and Love.  Try it.  Think of something amazing in your life for which you are profoundly grateful.  Focus on that thought and feed the energy until it grows and swell.  Keep putting Love into it until it takes over your physical form.  How are you feeling now?  More confident, more grounded, relaxed, grateful??  If you focus on the energy of gratitude for a few moments before you hop out of day, see what a profound effect it will have not only on your day, but for your entire life.

Now go kick fear to the curb and enjoy your day!

EarthSpiritSky  xximg_4896


Full Moon Energy Snapshot

The Full Moon is upon us and what an energy it is!  I’ve been feeling this energy build for days it seems (cycles really) as this moon marks both the end and beginning of a new 2 year cycle which will have ramifications well into the 3rd year and beyond.

So what’s this about?  Right now this energy sees us standing right before our ‘launch’ into the new cycle of ” Walking in the New”.  We have just ended another 2 year cycle of “Deconstruction and Reconstruction”.  Much has been shed over the past two years– some times not willingly or in a very pretty manner.  Many challenges have occurred, much shedding, much questioning of who we really are and what we are really doing here!  These past 3 months have led us up to this point– think over the past 3 months and what you’ve been uncovering/discovering about yourself or your Path.

Today marks the new and New Beginning– coming into yourself and walking the walk so to speak.  What have you been trying to birth these past 3 months?  What were you trying to bring into reality?  Think carefully because it is here!  This next cycle sees us walking in our Authentic skin truly set upon our Path.  Even if you are saying I still don’t know what I’m to do or what Life is about, I guarantee you’ve been questioning things more and have found yourself with new company, new projects, new ‘feelings’ about which direction you are to take.  Remember that we have ventured into the Age of Aquarius and that is ALL about living from a heart-centered place, trusting your intuition, trusting your feelings and inner wisdom and, ultimately, trusting yourself.

Key words for this Full Moon and the cycle starting during the next two days (the energy will be prevalent during the next 2 days and you will see/feel yourself launched into the new cycle).  This is all about trusting your instincts.  Those of you who already are listening to your own wisdom will find that life flows more freely and things find their way into your life readily. Those of you who remain in your minds, not connected yet to your inner truth, will find a harder road before you.  The Universe has everything laid out for you (as I say this I’m taken high above our planet where They are showing me that everything is already set in place) it is up to us to Trust that everything will work out.  And of course we are here on this plane, so must enact things in motion.  This is a time of Action.  The energy is present and supporting action right now – what is it you need to do to set your dream in play?  Now is the time to do it! Have a ‘feeling’ about a direction you should take?  Take heed and put action steps into that direction.  Discount it as nothing and you will be replaying a karmic pattern, setting you down the road of “learning that lesson” again.

Listen to yourselves– Trust.  This is an incredibly energy and know that much of the struggle and strife of the past two years is behind you.  Things can and will flow in this new cycle, but you must remember the lessons learned these past two years, trust yourself and abundance will flow.

Also, we as a People continue to evolve and become more sensitive to energies.  There are those of you reading this who recognise your own intuitive nature and know you are sensitive to energy.  This will increase, assuming you allow it.  This is where we should be-in a ‘feeling’, intuitive place.  Our sensitive to other people’s energies, our ability to ‘read’ the information presented through energy, will increase.  Again, assuming you embrace it and allow it. Those that continue to block their intuitive nature, will not.

So as we see the Full Moon rise, embrace this crazy, electric energy present.  Remember that energies are here for a purpose.  This Aries energy of Action is there for you to use.  Work on your projects while your own energy levels are increased as it will fade over the waning of the moon as energy does.

Happy Full Moon.

Much Love,

EarthSpiritsky xx

In memory of TK: 7/16

For the past few days I have been carrying around a heavy sadness…I knew it did not belong to me and asked for it to be returned to it’s owner, but the energy prevailed.  This morning it’s meaning became clear when I received word that my dear friend’s younger brother had finished his struggle with drug addiction.

So many thoughts rush through your head at that moment…sadness for the loss of a life, sadness for the family who must deal with the aftermath,  thoughts of his young child and her future now without a father…heaviness.

I have known TK for many years now.  A beautiful Soul dealing with big challenges. I last saw him Christmas of 2014. I was visiting my friend in the States and he came with his family to say hello.  As an Energetic Intuitive and Empath I could feel the heaviness around him, the sadness reflected not only in his eyes, but that of his family.  I could see the blackness that had pervaded his energy field, slowly taking over the Light.  I, as many Healers before me, wished I could do more to help him.  I offered my ear should he wish to talk, gave him a hug and wished him the best.  I so wanted to do more.

Each of us and every thing in the world is a form of energy. Everything we imbibe and allow to enter our energy fields is also a form of energy, each with a life of it’s own.  I have worked with clients who have dealt with addiction issues.  I have seen what it does to the energy field of the individual and have connected with the various substances on their own in an effort to gain more of an understanding of what that particular energy is and how it affects the physical form.  I’ve had in the back of my mind to write  on the subject as I haven’t seen much work in this area from an energetic perspective.  Perhaps this is push to start.

Each of us has several layers of energy that comprise our energetic field.  There is the etheric, which is our physical form, and then several other layers that expand beyond the physical, each with it’s own specific purpose.  Each of these layers of energy exist one, to protect you, and two, for the conveyance and interpretation of information from other energetic beings.  For example, when you meet another person, your energy fields are ‘talking’ way before words come into play.  The feelings you receive of ‘good/bad’, for example are your energy fields interpreting and sending you information on the other’s energy field.   As I mentioned, though, your energy fields also protect you from outside forces.  There are many types of energy floating around us….our fields protect us from an energy source that perhaps would invade our systems.  From an energetic standpoint drugs destroy the integrity of our protective energetic fields.  Without this protection we invite outside sources of energy to come through, effecting our emotions, judgement, perception of reality.

This particular substance that took my friend’s life I have dubbed ‘The Great Deceiver.”  From an energetic view, it invades the system with a black, vicious-like energy, taking over the feeling centre of the individual, while destroying the physical systems.  I have seen traces of this energy in a person’s energetic field even if it’s been years since they last encountered the substance.  It is still present in their field, trapped within their cells and energetic fields, and thusly affecting them overall.  Have you heard when ex-smokers say it’s not the smoke, itself, they miss, but the habit of smoking?  A habit, any habit, from an energetic (and my) perspective is an energy pathway that has so entrenched itself within your system that it is very difficult to alter.  It is a pattern.  Patterns can be altered, but some are easier to change than others.

I honestly don’t know of any research being done from an energetic perspective on addiction or substance abuse.  I think this work would be extremely useful for our understanding of how substances affect our energetic systems as well as to alter the patterns of addiction.  Our society views addiction as an illness or disease.  In Energetic work there exists imbalances.  The substances create imbalances within your system.  If we could understand it better from this perspective, we can bring a system back to balance and alter the pattern/block of energy.

With the utmost respect for the life of TK, I send Light and Love to him and his family.  May we all make the most of our days on this Earth.


If anyone is aware of any energy work being done in this area, please do share.