So this is me!  Welcome:-)

The last seven years of my life have been one heck of an adventure. One moment I was sitting in Chicago , great job, home of my own and ‘things’ all around me:-)  The next moment those things were gone and found myself in a land wholly far away with a young child in tow.  Sadness, depression, ickiness set in.  Yeah, ick.

Yet having come through an amazingly long (so it seemed!) tunnel, I’ve discovered some pretty fabulous things!

Here’s a preview–

Intuition.  Intuition.  Intuition.  Follow it.  Enough said

Nature – Medicine, Wisdom, Connection, Healing

Motherhood…ain’t a cakewalk.  Dedicating your life to raising a child ain’t easy and it ain’t pretty.    Women lose themselves in this undertaking.   They lose their Voice.

Everyone has a Voice.

Join me here to reclaim your unique Voice.  Learn to find it, learn to honour it, learn to shout it through the Universe.




On November 12, I’ll be speaking at Discovery Opportunity Day –

We have 15 amazing speakers sharing their journey with energy work……sound healing, acupressure, tantric sex, how your beliefs become your biology, the energy of gratitude and more!

I’ll be speaking on the subject of the Accreditation process.  What is accreditation and how should you evaluate the accrediting agency?  What value does accreditation bring to your work?  I will offer a practical guide for anyone currently teaching or who would like to create their own program.  Come with questions in hand!  It will be a fun session over the lunch period, so make sure you bring something to munch on and join the fun!


My Services

Energy Healing Session

One on one Guidance Session – phone/face to face

Seeking Clarity on a particular question? Situation?  Dream?

Awareness Nature Meditations

Animal Communication– would you like to know what Fido is really thinking when he chews through your fav shoes?  Would you like to connect after your beloved pet has crossed into Spirit?

‘Bitch Session with Benefits’  – Something I came up with….for the woman in need of another ear to REALLY listen to her with no worry of reprisal/judgement, etc.  Thoughts and intuitive guidance offered at the end of your rant.  No time limits.  Nothing too insignificant.  Just send me a text, block in the time and begin.

‘Bitch Session with Benefits’ Goddess Circle – slightly more structured with a bit of ancient wisdom and ceremony woven in.  Limited to groups of 5.  Check events for start up of next circle.  Everything is sacred within the Circle.  That which is shared in the Circle, stays in the Circle.

My Story



Hi there!  I’m Catherine with my daughter Magda.  Big hello from both of us!

So, why Earth Spirit Sky?  Because I am an EarthSpirit, connected to the Green Goddess, Mother Earth.  Yet no EarthSpirit can exist without the Blessing of Father Sky, so, EarthSpiritSky was born.

Born with the gift of Clairsentience, which is what I call ‘ya just know’.  as well as the other ‘Clairs’, Clairaudience and Clairvoyant, Information comes to me in different ways.  I can read energy around not only people, but things, animals, plants, etc.  I have seen myself through the eyes of a dog, I have flown with Hawk, I’ve seen through the eyes of another human being and I’ve seen the world for what it truly is- white beams of pure energy in constant motion.

I’ve always felt more at ease outside in Nature, playing with the Elemental Spirits and plants than inside any person-made structure. To feel the breeze on your face or listen to the wind as it whispers through the leaves…to sit in silence honouring the Life around us…that is where my peace comes from and where I can most easily Connect with Spirit and my inner wisdom.

But we do not live in times when it is easy to run off to the woods and contemplate life.  We live in busy times with social pressures, complicated life with many balls in the air, constantly juggling and always ‘doing’.

How does one Balance?

From my own juggling adventures as a Mother, Energy-Healer, entrepreneur, ex-corporate, academic, sentient, witty (yes I can be funny!), Priestess, Guardian of the East, Connected, Intuitive Spiritual Being derives my wisdom to share with you.

It is my calling to make the Spiritual, practical.  To make our world of energy, understandable.  To ensure that women hear their own wisdom.  And then follow it– that’s the important bit:-)

I have spent many years ignoring my own Gifts as I listened to the Voices of others, instead of my own.  I have spent many years attempting to fit into a patriarchal world, forgetting my own femininity.

Today,  I have found my Heart Song and dedicated my Life to following it as well as honouring the Sacred Feminine and Mother Earth.

Women, Mothers, Sisters — do you hear your Heart Song?  Are you on the Path of your own Choosing?  Whose Voice are you following today?


Blessings to all who have come before me, walk with me and will come after.  For each of your Journeys, I send Love, Gratitude, and Grace.   Namaste




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