So this is me!  Welcome:-)
The last seven years of my life have been one heck of an adventure.

One moment I was sitting in Chicago , great job, home of my own and ‘things’ all around me:-) .
The next moment those things were gone and found myself in a land wholly far away with a young child in tow.
Sadness, depression, ickiness set in.  Yeah, ick.

Yet having come through an amazingly long (so it seemed!) tunnel, I’ve discovered some pretty fabulous things.

..Here’s a preview..

Intuition.  Intuition.  Intuition.  Follow it.  Enough said..
Nature – Medicine, Wisdom, Connection, Healing..

Motherhood…ain’t a cakewalk.  Dedicating your life to raising a child ain’t easy and it ain’t pretty.
Women lose themselves in this undertaking.   They lose their Voice.

Everyone has a Voice, but sometimes we forget where we’ve placed it.

Join me here to Reclaim your unique Voice.  Learn to find it, learn to honour it, learn to shout it through the Universe.

Be Strong.  Be Fierce.  Be You.